How to convert date from one format to another in java/android

 * @param date
 * date in String
 * @param fromFormat
 * format of your <b>date</b> eg: if your date is 2011-07-07
 * 09:09:09 then your format will be <b>yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss</b>
 * @param toFormat
 * format to which you want to convert your <b>date</b> eg: if
 * required format is 31 July 2011 then the toFormat should be
 * <b>d MMMM yyyy</b><br/>
 *<b>Note: </b> For date formatting code refer <a href="">Date Formats</a> and {@link SimpleDateFormat}
 * @return formatted date <br/>
 * empty string if you provide invalid <b>fromFormat</b> or <b>toFormat</b>.
 public static String convertDate(String date, String fromFormat,String toFormat)
 String formattedDate = "";
 try {
 SimpleDateFormat simpleDateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat(fromFormat);
 Date d = simpleDateFormat.parse(date);
 Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();

simpleDateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat(toFormat);
 formattedDate = simpleDateFormat.format(calendar.getTime());

} catch (Exception e)

return formattedDate;

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