How to append data to a file in android

 * @param filePath path of file
 * @param fileDataToAppend data which you want to append into the above file
 * @return <b>true</b> if data was appended to the file<br/>
 * <b>false</b> if data was not appended to the file<br/><br/>
 * <b>Note:</b> This requires permission <b>"android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"</b>
 public static boolean appendFile(String filePath, String fileDataToAppend)
 boolean success = false;

 if(filePath!=null && fileDataToAppend!=null)
 filePath = filePath.trim();
 fileDataToAppend = fileDataToAppend.trim();

 if(!filePath.equals("") && !fileDataToAppend.equals(""))
 File srcFile = new File(filePath);

 if(srcFile.exists() && srcFile.isFile())
 FileWriter out = new FileWriter(filePath,true);
 success = true;
 catch (Exception e)
 return success;


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